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Exceptional features included as standard

Whichever GR Yaris features you choose, enjoy the thrill of driving a true hot hatch that's built for competition.

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  • From rally racing to roads

    Meet the formidable GR Yaris: born racing, this is a true winner.

  • Hot hatch performance redefined

    Feel pure exhilaration in this rally-derived car.

  • Turbocharged with adrenaline

    For a champion-approved, instantly responsive driving experience.

  • Ready for any road condition

    From tight turns to open roads, stay in control in any situation.

  • Drive with game-changing innovations

    Play with balance of power with the GR-FOUR AWD.

  • Proportioned for peak performance

    Defined by aerodynamic lines and a low centre of gravity.

  • Focus on the drive

    Driver comfort and control sit at the heart of this design.

  • Attuned to your driving needs

    Purposeful details for a hugely rewarding driving experience.

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